sabato 8 dicembre 2012

CTN Recap

Even if a bit late, here is my CTN recap with Tania Sandroni.

Our Super Table :D
Super Tania

Super me :D :D :D 

I love this picture! (guess why... :D)
Me, Tania, Lindsey Olivares, Kei Acedera
Elisabeth Steger, Tania, Florian Satzinger


Me and Liron Topaz 
Tania doing a demo

Me doing a demo

CTN folks watching my demo

Glen Keane and Mike Cedeno in the back

Tania, Me, Wouter Tulp, Glen Keane, Francesco Mariotti, Stephen Silver 

Picture by Terry Wilson
(check out his 2 blog where he writes about his adventures in the realm of fantasy animation and art entertainment.)
Alberto Ruiz, Me, Tania, Walder

 Picture by Terry Wilson

Last but not the least, here are the books/prints/postcars we brought home,
special presents and nice souvenirs by all the artists we met along the way... 

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